Fluency For Your Team

How big is your organization? Small? Mid-sized? Larger? Whatever the case, our Fluency products provide solutions that will add to your bottom line.

Why Choose Fluency?

Fluency provides the right options to fully support the translation processes of your translators, editors and project managers.

Project Managers

Fluency translation management software is specifically designed for you, the project manager or language director. You should see at least a 50% cut in management time. Additionally, this user-friendly software enables you to easily schedule and track your in-house and off-site translation projects.

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Our team of trained professionals are available to discuss the solutions that are best for you and your organization's specific needs.

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Automatic Updates

When you buy Fluency Now, we will make sure to keep you up-to-date with weekly feature and enhancement updates. Our loyal customers are accustomed to receiving the improvements they request. This has distinguished us from the time of our first expert reviews and more importantly today with our new model for serving our growing group of satisfied translators and organizations.

Large Translation Memory Database

Fluency automatically manages your translation memories so all projects can instantly access the most recent TMs. Fluency, in fact, also supports TMs from all major CAT tools and includes a built-in alignment tool to help you create new TMs from old translations.

Language Support

Fluency Translation Suite has the full ISO 639.2 Language list with extensive dictionary support. Click here to go to our product information page, to see the full language list.

Quick Help

There's nothing we want more than to see you and your company succeed. We're happy to help with any of your technical or not-so-technical questions. Our award-winning Technical support comes bundled with your subscription.

Customizable Look-and-Feel

You work best when you have options, right? So do we. To help you feel comfortable while working in Fluency you can access notes, create keyboard shortcuts, and organize your resource tabs. Just to name a few.

No more billing Headaches

Easily keep track of your translation projects, your time, and your words-per-hour(WPH) count with our built-in project dashboard.

Easy to Learn & Use

Most translators can begin translating in less than 10 minutes. Video tutorials and free demonstrations are available to assist you.

Save Money & Time

Not only is Fluency cost-effective, but you will also make more on margin per translation. The Fluency interface has been optimized to accelerate the translation process and you can customize it to meet your preferred way of working.

File Compatible

It doesn't matter if you're working with a PDF file or a Word document or a Trados document, all major file types are supported in our translation suite, including Trados and Wordfast.

Talk to a Fluency specialist to request a demonstration or more information on server and project management solutions.