Save Time & Money

Fluency Now is fast and affordable. The faster you translate, the more earning potential you have. Or more time for other things. You choose.

Runs on PC or Mac

Work the way you want on the the OS you love. Fluency Now is now available for Windows, OSX, or Linux.

Multiple Machine Translations

Increase your speed with multiple machine translation engines, all displayed in one convenient window in Fluency Now. Using MT has never been easier or more powerful!

HIPAA & HITECH Compliant

Fluency Now allows you to encrypt projects and our Fluency servers are kept secure in compliance with HIPAA and HITECH standards. Click here to learn more.

Automatic Updates

Fluency Now is always up-to-date. Every time you launch Fluency while connected to the internet, it checks to ensure you have the latest features and enhancements.

Easy to Learn & Use

Most translators can begin translating in less than 10 minutes. And free video tutorials and support via email are available to assist you in learning more of Fluency Now helpful features. Be happy with your CAT tool.

Customizable Look-and-Feel

To help you feel comfortable while working in Fluency, you can rearrange window panes, access notes, create keyboard shortcuts, organize your resource tabs, etc.

Language Support

Fluency Now supports the full ISO 639.2 language list with extensive dictionary support. Click here to go to our product information page & see the full list of languages.

Translation Memory

Reuse translations and manage multiple TM files. Fluency also supports TMs from all major CAT tools and includes an alignment tool to create new TMs from old translations.

File Compatibility

It doesn't matter if you're working with a PDF file, a Word document, or a Trados or Wordfast document—all major file types are supported in Fluency Now.

Quick Help

We want you to succeed so we're happy to help with any technical or not-so-technical question. Our acclaimed technical support comes with your subscription.

More for your Money

Fluency Now—The Next Best Thing to a "Translate" Button
Fluency Now is a full-featured CAT tool suite that's affordable for freelancers and organizations alike. With low monthly pricing, freelancers avoid large upfront costs and long-term contracts, while organizations have the flexibility to add more users as needed. Fluency Now provides the ROI you need to succeed as a growing translation professional.

How to start? Give it a try with a free 15-day trial of Fluency Now. Come and see what Fluency can do for you!

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